Saskatchewan Forage Council News Release
For immediate release, July 2, 2018

The Saskatchewan Forage Council (SFC) recently held their annual general meeting in Swift Current, SK on June 28, 2017. Participants had an opportunity to learn about ongoing re-search at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Research and Development Centre.Dr Biligetu received award

The tour, hosted by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada featured several forage projects including: establishment of saline forages, re-introduction of sainfoin to alfalfa and grass pastures, perennial mixtures study, and time of grazing native deferred pastures, annual forage polycultures, forage Galega and more.       

The tour was followed by the annual general meeting at which the SFC named Dr. Bill Biligetu as the 2018 recipient of the Forage Industry Innovation Award.

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Image: Terry Kowalchuk, Provincial Forage Specialist and Dr. Bill Biligetu (right)                   

Posted July 2, 2018