Patrons Will Help Determine Pasture Transition Process

The Government of Saskatchewan will be further consulting with federal pasture patrons on the transition of federal community pastures to patron-controlled ownership and operation.

"We have said all along that the patrons of these pastures are the priority for our government throughout this transition," Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart said. "Our goal is to ensure patrons are able to continue using these lands and we want to give them every opportunity to have input about the transition of their pastures."

While these consultations continue, the Governments of Canada and Saskatchewan are working to ensure patrons are able to utilize these pastures for grazing in 2013. Both governments are negotiating a memorandum of understanding that will see federal staff continue to manage these pastures for the 2013 grazing season.

Following the federal government's decision to discontinue the Community Pasture Program, Saskatchewan established an advisory committee made up of industry leaders and cattle producers. The advisory committee recommended the following principles form the framework for this transition:
     * Pasture patron groups will have the opportunity to own and operate each pasture;
     * Each pasture will be maintained as a complete block;
     * Sales will be based on market values; and
     * Any sale of native prairie land will be subject to no-break and no-drain conservation easements.

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Posted August 17, 2012